Oncology Treatment Support Portal
Patients and Purpose was tasked by a national pharmaceutical company to create a personalized online support portal for patients (along with their caregivers & healthcare professionals) who receive their oncology treatments. The portal provides users with traditional access and financial reimbursement services, as well as connecting them with social workers who can provide them with independent third party resources that provide emotional support, lodging, transportation and workplace transition support.
As a member of the UX team, I was a key contributor, performing the following tasks;
  • Developed persona flows and customer touchpoints, identifying our users and determining how they would be reaching our site.
  • Created sitemaps and wireframes for separate patient and healthcare provider experiences
  • Outlined an approach for a progressive registration system
  • Researched and designed approaches for integrating chatbots into the site, specifically for user registration purposes.
Sample of documents produced including persona flows, site map, user flow and wireframes