Heart Attack Treatment Website

In 2018, Patients and Purpose redesigned the website for a major pharmaceutical companies heart attack treatment drug. They wanted to focus on creating a user-centered experience that would educate user's about the benefits and side effects of their treatment, as well as provide them with financial resources.
As a member of the UX team, I was a key contributor, performing the following tasks;
  • Analyzed previous website to determine what was working and what could be improved.
  • Worked with a copywriter to reorganize the site's content to better fit both the user's and client's needs.
  • Created wireframes for desktop and mobile approaches.
  • Developed a clickable desktop and mobile prototypes for use during remote user testing.
  • Developed a script and questionairre for user testing.
As part of the process, we were able to conduct remote user testing with a group of eight patients & caregivers. We wanted to know how user's would prefer to experience the content, so our testing focused on page layout and navigation. Using desktop and mobile prototypes, user's were asked to complete a series of tasks that were based on two page layout options;
  • A long scrolling content page with multiple pieces of related content, which could be navigated using anchor links
  • Content split among smaller child pages, which could be reached through a sub-navigation that was always present.
Although current design trends are leaning in the direction of sites with fewer pages with more content, we wanted to test shorter pages based on our understanding of our user base. Prior testing and research had shown that patients appreciated having content condensed in a way that made it easily digestible, as they felt a lot of stress while researching heart attack treatments. They didn't want to have to scan the page looking for the content they needed and were likely to give up if they didn't find it quickly. During testing, our users confirmed that this approach was correct, strongly preferring it over long scrolling pages.
Sample of user flow and wireframe documents